Sunday wine thoughts.

You know when thoughts pop into your head. Well that’s happened a few times today. Few things are annoying me. Ha I hear you laugh, things annoy Kirsty? Well I never.

I am single. And when I talk about missing having a partner, I am often greeted with “well it’s not all roses having a partner” and so on. I know. I wasn’t always single. I do know what it is like to have a partner. I really am not stupid. Being single is shit. No the grass isn’t always greener only having yourself to rely on. I hate it. Having support, even if he’s shit at it is more than I have. So yes. I know what it is like to have a significant other. Please don’t treat me like I am stupid.

Also, if I ever got married. Yes stop laughing I am being serious. It scares me, if I did get married. I would have hardly any guests. I don’t have parents. Yes I have an extended family but it’s not huge any more. I don’t have tons of friends either. It’s a really scary thought, who would walk me down the aisle? Who would be there to help. It’s a very ¬†unnerving thought and has made me cry lots.

I am looking for work. I am trained in quite a lot. I have a-levels. I am not stupid. I have done lots. From writing pornography to fry chips [in my younger days] But what I am trained in and what I used to love is CAD [computer aided design] Anyway, a few times in real life and internet, I have been treated like I am thick as I am not working. As above. I have worked before. I know what I am doing. I just can’t find a job that is suitable.

So there. My thoughts. Depressing mostly cause of the wine. And the fact everywhere I go people are in couples. I swear laughing at me, taking about their jobs.