Waking up alone
In a room that still reminds me
My heart has got to learn to forget
Starting on my own
With every breath I’m getting stronger
This is not a time for regret
I don’t need to hang on to heartbreak
When there’s so much of life left to live
I am not afraid
Of the memories of tomorrow
I have found the faith deep within
There’s a promise I’ve made
There’s a dream I’m going to follow
There’s another chance to begin
And it’s coming as sure as the heavens
I can feel it right here in my heart.

Looking Glass

Sometimes when I sit and stare into space
I imagine another me, another time, another place
Where everything is just the way it should be
The grass is green, the sun is warm, the laughter fills the air, but only I can see.

Through the looking glass, outside looking in
You look into the mirror at yourself and grin
You do not see me, nor do you know I am there
But one day our paths will collide and you will know I care


Could you imagine a world?
With singing bee’s and clouds of love
Rain drops of sugar
And mercury rising from above?
Where everyone knows your name
The old lady playing dominoes sat, always looking the same
Imagine a world with peace and harmony
Before you wake, while you dream
For reality will come along more frequent than the sun

Confused Mess…

Sometimes I stand there looking into nothing
Trying to make sense of what I am doing
Where I am going, or who I really am
My head is a confused mess.
I take a step back from reality, to savour my dreams
But then along it comes, crashing back down
I wonder I am the only one to feel like this?
Not sure of what is going on.
Why can we never be honest with our feelings?
Scared of revealing them for fear of being hurt
We agree, to make it easier
We pretend it is what we want
When inside you want something different but it’s never what we get.
I would like to live in the world of dreams
Where things are the way I want
But here I am walking along in reality a confused mess…