Did it vanish?

No is the answer to that.

So, I’ve not been paid for this, or bribed. This is me talking about the new Vanish cartpet cleaner. They’ve changed the packaging. in the hope it will attract the gimmick buyer. Well it did. ME.


So, it comes in a bag that you shake all over the carpet/rug etc whatever. you brush it on and leave for 20 and then you hoover it all up and everything is vanished!!

WRONG. Other than smell nice it’s done bugger all. What a bloody let down. £6 I paid for this. I am gutted really. It’s my fault for seeing an advert for a powder you can shake. Like good old shake and vac. I even did a little boogie shaking it all over. I really did think. Genius. Genius idea. But really it was a crap idea.

So, this is my review. This product is shit.


So, today me and my niece took D’arcy swimming. We also took her iPhone swimming. Literally. With a waterproof case. Amazing. We had to get permission from the manager of the pool. It’s bloody amazing. Being able to photograph her doing something she loves.

So here are some pictures from today.


IMG_3478.JPG (2)IMG_3479.JPG (2)IMG_3492IMG_3493IMG_3494IMG_3497.JPG (2)IMG_3498.JPG (2)IMG_3499.JPG (2)IMG_3500.JPG (2)IMG_3503.JPG (2)IMG_3504.JPG (2)IMG_3506.JPG (2)IMG_3507.JPG (2)IMG_3508.JPG (2)



And a couple of videos. The latter one just shows how well the camera was used underwater with the waterproof case.


D’arcy is wearing a puddle jumper which I have to say is the best thing she has for being in the water. Much better than the vests, much better than arm bands. I can’t recommend it enough. D’arcys is from Ebay

And the waterproof case for the phone is made my LiteProof. If you’re thinking of getting one then I suggest this one as I know it works.

Awesome inventions. That work.