The best broccoli. Ever.

So, I love broccoli. Like really love it. Not as much as green beans but almost. I wanted to try it roasted and searched the good old internet and found this recipe. I tweeked it a teeny bit. So I can’t take credit. But feel free 😉

What you’ll need

Olive oil (basil infused is awesome)
2x garlic cloves
Lemon juice
Grated Parmesan

Just these few ingredients make the best broccoli you’ll ever taste

So take the broccoli and cut it into florets

Drizzle on some olive oil (I use one infused with basil. Just cause) some garlic (I’ve cheated and have frozen. Mostly as I can’t be arsed to chop/mince) and a little lemon juice. Not loads. Maybe 2 teaspoons, then give it a good mix.

And whack in the oven. 20 mins or so. 180ish.
Once roasted, drizzle on a little more lemon juice (again personal preference) and some grated Parmesan and voilà

I added asparagus today. Also just as awesome.


Turkey Pasta

So, the last time I made this I thought I should blog recipe. A few people mentioned I should. So here I am.

I will just say, I don’t use a lot of pasta in this dish. Literally just a small cup. It’s only to bulk it out and not to overrule it. Plus I am into calorie counting and this dish serves which makes 3 portions comes in at roughly 400 calories. Winner.

What you will need


500g turkey mince

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

Peppers [red, yellow, green, orange]

Red onion

Handful of  sliced cherry tomatoes

garlic [2 cloves]

Chillies [as many as you’d like]

Wholemeal pasta [small cup per person]


Put pasta on to cook as your usual method.

Cut all the peppers [I usually cut them into bite sized pieces] and onion


and add them to a non-stick pan with the turkey mince. I don’t use any oil. Season.


Cook it all through till the turkey is cooked properly


Add chillies, tinned tomatoes and cherry tomatoes [the reason I add the chilli at this stage and not before, is I separate a portion off for Caitlyn] I sometimes add dried chilli flakes too. I like it hot.

IMG_5134.JPG (2)

Drain the pasta when it’s cooked and mix into the pan


And then serve. And obviously enjoy. Add some mozzarella if you fancy it.


So there you go. Simple, but really tasty and really filling. If you make it let me know. I love some feedback. Good or bad 😀

Low fat curry…

Up until recently I had never made a curry from scratch. I’d use pastes or sometimes jars. But as I am following a healthy way of eating these were no good, full of calories. So, from scouring the internet. I have amalgamated a couple of recipes to give you this. My take on curry. It’s tomato based, rather than full of cream or coconut milk.

My sister made this last night and said she really bloody enjoyed it. Much better than the jars she said. I’ll take that.

Now, this is no way going to taste like a take away. Oh god how I love those. I freaking love curry. Curry curry curry. But it’s not bloody bad!!

Anyway. This makes 3 adult portions.


2 chicken breasts

2 tins of chopped tomatoes

1 onion

1 clove of garlic

200 grams of fat free yoghurt

2 teaspoons of curry powder

1 ½ teaspoons of garam masala

Water [I’ll explain how much in method

Good handful of fresh coriander [you can use dried or frozen]

Fresh plum tomatoes

Few sprays of fry light

1 whole chilli


In a pan spray some fry light, I normally use 5. Add in the garlic and onion [I cut both pretty small] fry for a few moments, add in the curry powder and garam masala.


I normally add in a few drops of water too as it’s a little dry, then add the chicken. I normally seal the chicken roughly and this takes about 5 mins, I use medium heat, but if you want to cook on high. Then so be it. Haha

Once chicken looks sealed add in the cans of tomatoes. I then pour some water [about a inch in the can] and swill it around, pour into other can and then pour in pan. Waste not want now. So they say.

Have a jolly good mix. And add in the coriander. If you use fresh cut it up. As you would normally. Oh add the cut up chilli, this is to taste. If you don’t want it too spicy don’t add it. Mix mix mix. I then leave mine on the lowest heat possible for about half hour. Then turn hob off. I make mine hours in advanced, but if you don’t want to do that. Proceed with next step. Haha Sorry. I’ve never really wrote a recipe like this before. I think I sound like a right nob.


If you’re ready to eat. Prick the top of the plum tomatoes. Just with tip of knife. I find cutting them in half makes them disintegrate. I like whole tomatoes in my curry [you don’t have to add any] Or you can use cherry if you like. Add those. Mix about.


Then add in the yoghurt. I normally add in roughly 200mls of fat free natural yoghurt. It’s according to taste. So just keep adding till you think it’s just right. I sometimes add frozen peas in right at the end. Or spinach. Add whatever you want. It’s your curry. 😀


Cook for about another 10 mins of medium heat. And that’s that. A simple low fat curry, which is roughly 270 calories per portion. Not including rice. I’ve got the calorie content from the recipes I used. Don’t quote me on it. But as you will be able to tell in the cooking method nothing bad went into it.

Serve with either brown rice or you could try cauliflower rice which I have to say is awesome with curry and very low calorie.


If you do make this, let me know what you think. I love feedback. The Spanish One can vouch for how tasty this as she loved it when I made it for her.

Vanilla Melting Moments.

Vanilla Melting Moments
175g self raising flour
125g cornflour
50g icing sugar
225g butter
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Vanilla Butter Cream:
25g butter, softened [whatever is left from making the biscuits]
100g icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Place the flour, cornflour, icing sugar,  butter and vanilla and mix until it comes together . Roll into 60 small balls the size of a large marble. Place on trays  (no need to grease or line) and flatten down a bit with a fork, but put fork in cold water first [I dip fork, press biscuit, dip fork, press biscuit and so on and so on]. It helps not to stick etc. Bake for 10-15 minutes until still very pale/golden in colour but, slightly firm.Cool on a wire rack or workside. Whatever.
Mix the ingredients for the butter cream until they come together. Sandwich the biscuits with the butter cream. Makes 30.
And then enjoy. Yummy. Also please don’t blame me for them tasting so damn delicious you can’t just eat one. It’s not my fault. 




Bread of Garlic

I am always on the look out for ways to keep food tasty whilst losing out some calories. Well, Spaghetti Bolognese is no exception. I bloody love it.

The slimming world recipe is rather tasty although I add more Worcester Sauce to what it says and use red onion over shallots. Use way more garlic and so on. Play about with it. But I’ve roughly worked it out as about 500 calories with the pasta. I use whole wheat as it’s better for us, yes?

Anyway garlic bread goes so well with it, but looking today at the calories I was flabbergasted [haha I have been meaning to use that word for ages so I am pleased I did] about 200 for a couple of slices. Now if you are calorie counting like I am, then that is waaaaaay too much.

So, I made my own. I have made it before for a friend that doesn’t like butter but never gave it a second thought till today, I really wanted some garlic bread…..

I use milk roll bread as it’s quite thin and very low on calories. About 50 per slice I think it was. So yeah, grab a piece of bread, spread on some garlic paste. Gia make some which is in vegetable oil. Or crush some garlic yourself and mix it with olive oil which is nicer than the ready-made paste but more work. Ha. And sprinkle on some herbs. I used Italian herbs and put in oven till cooked. 133 calories for 2 slices. Get in my belleh.

And then stuff your face with it and enjoy. You’re welcome.


Rice is nice.

As we all know I am fat. I am. I know I am.

I have been doing slimming world sort of for the last few weeks and it’s working. Slowly losing weight. Anyway. I love chilli. As even though I make it the SW way, I know the rice is baaaaaaad for me. SO. I discovered something. Rice made from cauliflower.

Yes I know. Mental eh? I can hear your brains ticking over at the thought of it. How? Yeah I asked the same question.

Basically, chop a cauliflower up, then blend it till it sorta looks like rice, then bung it in a microwave for 5mins or so. I wouldn’t recommend eating it on its own. But with something saucy. Like chilli. It’s loverlee. Myself, Caitlyn and my niece all enjoyed it. Average portion on rice is over 300 calories. Cauliflower rice is something like 14. Yes 14 calories.  GET IN MY BELLEH.

I will say, it’s not rice. Obvs BUT it’s damn tasty and filling. And well, it’s full of goodness

Egg not on her face.

I have been meaning to upload these for ever, she doesn’t even use that high-chair any more.  Oh well. Better late than never an all that.

I am doing BLW not to the point it’s the only way I feed her. Hell she’d never eat. She is terrible for that anyway. BUT I give her foods to see, touch and smell and sometimes she tries.

However, when  I gave her egg it was hilarious. Well, you can see the look on her face. Not impressed at all. Not once did she attempt to put it to her mouth. And since these photos I tried again and it was much the same reaction.  I pretty much laughed the whole time she discovered egg. Priceless.

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