Dummy Detox

I always knew I would get rid of D’arcys dummies before she was 3. And Christmas seemed a logical time. Getting her to put the dummies on the tree, and Santa could come and get them. Basically I was trying to make it more magical for her. Cause those dummies were her life. She had 3. One in the mouth and one in each hand. Which she stroked her face with. It was never going to be easy taking them away. And as hard as it might be. I don’t regret for one moment her having a dummy. I am over the moon I haven’t got another thumb sucker. I only wished when Caitlyn was younger I gave her one and not think “Oh look how cute she is sucking her thumb” She wouldn’t need a ton of dental work now, nor her mother in her ear every 5 minutes shouting “THUMB”

I lost a friend over letting D’arcy use dummies. Ha. Yes I know. Ridiculous. But some people are very judgemental. She was my longest standing friend I’d met over the internet. But she deleted me from her life as I basically called her out and asked why she cared whether my child had a dummy. It was none of her business.

I wanted a special way for her to give her dummies up. So last night we hung them on the tree.

She cried a lot. It was almost like cold turkey for a toddler. BUT on the tree they stayed. I won’t lie. It was fucking awful through the night, she woke about 35 times. Crying, grinding her teeth, begging for her dummies. But I didn’t budge. I couldn’t as I actually threw them out before I got into bed. BUT we have got through the night. It can only get better, right? RIGHT?

This morning she had a lovely message from Santa’s Elf. For being such a BIG GIRL.

She was a little scared to look behind the curtain. But finally…….

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