The best broccoli. Ever.

So, I love broccoli. Like really love it. Not as much as green beans but almost. I wanted to try it roasted and searched the good old internet and found this recipe. I tweeked it a teeny bit. So I can’t take credit. But feel free 😉

What you’ll need

Olive oil (basil infused is awesome)
2x garlic cloves
Lemon juice
Grated Parmesan

Just these few ingredients make the best broccoli you’ll ever taste

So take the broccoli and cut it into florets

Drizzle on some olive oil (I use one infused with basil. Just cause) some garlic (I’ve cheated and have frozen. Mostly as I can’t be arsed to chop/mince) and a little lemon juice. Not loads. Maybe 2 teaspoons, then give it a good mix.

And whack in the oven. 20 mins or so. 180ish.
Once roasted, drizzle on a little more lemon juice (again personal preference) and some grated Parmesan and voilà

I added asparagus today. Also just as awesome.


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