Turkey Pasta

So, the last time I made this I thought I should blog recipe. A few people mentioned I should. So here I am.

I will just say, I don’t use a lot of pasta in this dish. Literally just a small cup. It’s only to bulk it out and not to overrule it. Plus I am into calorie counting and this dish serves which makes 3 portions comes in at roughly 400 calories. Winner.

What you will need


500g turkey mince

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

Peppers [red, yellow, green, orange]

Red onion

Handful of  sliced cherry tomatoes

garlic [2 cloves]

Chillies [as many as you’d like]

Wholemeal pasta [small cup per person]


Put pasta on to cook as your usual method.

Cut all the peppers [I usually cut them into bite sized pieces] and onion


and add them to a non-stick pan with the turkey mince. I don’t use any oil. Season.


Cook it all through till the turkey is cooked properly


Add chillies, tinned tomatoes and cherry tomatoes [the reason I add the chilli at this stage and not before, is I separate a portion off for Caitlyn] I sometimes add dried chilli flakes too. I like it hot.

IMG_5134.JPG (2)

Drain the pasta when it’s cooked and mix into the pan


And then serve. And obviously enjoy. Add some mozzarella if you fancy it.


So there you go. Simple, but really tasty and really filling. If you make it let me know. I love some feedback. Good or bad 😀

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