So. It’s my birthday soon. 20 days today. I don’t really get presents. It’s just how it is. Maybe one day if I ever get a man and can adopt his parents who will be the best in laws ever., I might. Obviously that will happen. Anyway. This is my wish list.  Which I will probably add too.  But right now. Far too tired. We all know I love gin. Hendricks if you please.







But most of all, right now. I want the charity that funds our holiday to grant it. I am very sad about this. My girls are going to lose out. I applied a month ago, they normally get back to me within a week and no doubt the park we always go too will be fully booked. So yes, the caravan holiday would be the best present ever. Yes, I know it’s a charity. And I should be grateful I get something as many of you don’t. But raising a child with needs that are special is bloody hard work. But this holiday is for her. For her to relax and enjoy herself. Means I get a bit of respite. Sorry felt the need to justify there.

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