No more chances.

A while ago I posted a blog about C’s nanny. And since then all she has done is lie to her further about sending her money. So I’ve replied. I am still rather angry, but this is what I have to say. Which is in response to her last message to Caitlyn which is filled with more excuses.

This is June’s message.

caitlyn i havent been able to put the money there yet so sorry …. but i had an emergency … will definitley do it on monday and i have to take your account details as i also forgot them so sorry but you will have them soon….. xxxx

And my reply.

June. It’s Kirsty.

Caitlyn is really upset that you have let her down. You were the one that said you were going to give her money and £100 at that. She never asked for it, it was your idea. An idea I wish you never mentioned. You posted it, then your friend posted it, then it was wait till payday then it will be in bank, then it will be tomorrow, only to follow with another excuse.

I wish you never bloody told her. She has been super excited about having some other spare cash to get her own trainers with and to go to the cinema with her mates. But she couldn’t do that. She won’t take my money as she has been waiting for yours. Caitlyn see’s things very black and white and right now she just thinks you are a liar and you have let her down.

That is the main reason I stopped Marlon from contacting her. Cause all he did was let her down. She is devastated right now.
Since the 23rd December she has been waiting for the £100 you promised her.

I’ve since told her that you won’t be paying it and it was really unfair of you to tell her that you were.

I really get pissed off with people letting her down. And I won’t have it.

So there we have it. I am expecting a reply. No doubt with another promise of sending her the money.

So June replied. I knew she would. I’m not going to bother replying, nor is Caitlyn. But she really must think I’m stupid to believe her. Anyway. Here’s what she had to say.


5 thoughts on “No more chances.

  1. April says:

    I am disgusted that she could treat her like that. It’s just cruel especially when she knows C’s problems. The sad thing is that whatever reason she gives next, it’s bound be another lie ontop of all the other lies. 😦


  2. Jessica58Lamb says:

    OMFG (I rarely swear!) There’s bullshit and then there’s this?!?! She actually thinks you’re stupid enough to believe her! I’m lost for words. Only words I have are swear words for this. Please never reply to this lady it’s pointless. I hope you can find a way to distract Caitlyn so she never wants to know her ‘Nan’. Please tell Caitlyn Eli would like to know what trainers she has her eye on and we’d like to put some money towards them so she can save up for them. Eli hasn’t forgotten how helpful Caitlyn was changing lots of nappies for him when he was a baby.


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