Thoughts and reflections.

A few have asked to see the order of service I created for my Gramps. I am so proud I got to do this for him. He loved my mums, so I am sure he would have loved his. Although that feels weird saying that. My aunty said I should go into business. Order of Service. High demand apparently. And it cost only £30 to get printed where as with the funeral home we were looking at over £80 for their design etc . It actually does anger me how expensive things are for funerals. £70 for a small bunch of Calla Lilies. Ridiculous. Money grabbing bastards.

So yes, here it is.

The piece of music all of us 18 grandchildren chose to be played was a piece of music by Pink. Quite surprised that it’s actually a beautiful song. Not the sort of person you would have thought would ever be played at a funeral. Even the Rev was shocked and he said it was such a beautiful song he will play it at one of his things he does on a Sunday. It went over my head.

Very beautiful. And was perfectly fitting. He has a great send off. He was a great man, my Grampy.

One thought on “Thoughts and reflections.

  1. Emma Day says:

    Oh hun I’m so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.

    And wow what a beautiful song. I’ve never heard that song before. It really moved me, actually choked me up. It reminded me of a book I just read (“Now is Good”) but don’t read it while you are grieving as it’s a heartbreaker.

    Your order of service does indeed look very professional. You could also do them for christenings and naming ceremonies. If you get a good quality printer it would be very low cost to create (I did my daughters naming ceremony ones).

    Big hugs to you at such a sad time. Xx


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