When there’s nothing you can do

Before I came to Mexico I found out my grandad was in hospital. He took a fall but they were keeping him in as he stopped eating and drinking. Me and my sister went to see him Sunday afternoon. Seeing him was a shock as he looked so frail. Broke my heart. You know, when my mum died part of Grampy died with her. He and my nanny have never been the same.

Anyway I asked my sister how’s he doing, she didn’t want to tell me as right now I’m miles from home and there is nothing I can do about it. But he’s very sick. I don’t think he’ll be alive when I get back from Mexico. It’s breaking my heart. I’m so pleased I got to see him before I left but part of me feels so guilty for not being there. My sister has promised me that today when she sees him to make sure she tells him that I love him. I know he knows but I need him to hear it again.

Here is my Grampy with D’arcy. 💜


3 thoughts on “When there’s nothing you can do

  1. The Prophet says:

    I know the feeling I look after my grand parents live with them make diner I do everything well not everything because that would be worse than having them do everything they need to feel useful but i know how ya feel and if one of my g parents passed the other would lose part of them as well


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