Such a perfect day….

5 Years ago today my mum got married to the love of her life Terry. A magical day, it really was. For about a week it had been raining non stop but my mum was insistent that we had a picnic in Wellington park. And she was right, the sun shone all day long.

I only have extra special memories of this day and all of them happy. She was so brave. She was in an incredible amount of pain but was adamant she would walk down the aisle on her wedding day. And she did. So proud of her. And the bloody shoes she wore. Could hardly walk through pain but she wore 6inch heels. That’s my mum….

And one memory that stands out more than most was the smile on her face. Mum always did have the most amazing smile and it never left her face on her wedding day 7/7/07

Rest in peace Mum.

The very happy couple. See that smile. Infectious.


My mum with her mum and dad, my grandparents who miss her so much.

The kids and grandchildren. 5 years ago today.

My favourite picture of my mum on the day. Awesome.

Releasing balloons with messages on asking people to donate money to cancer research. One ended up in Denmark.

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