A right basket case.

A few weeks ago I was shopping in Asda. Someone has to, right?

Anyway, we walked in and there were no baskets, so Caitlyn walked on ahead to get one from the one of the tills. At the same time a lady was walking towards us, she had an empty basket in her hand, and as Caitlyn walked past, she raised it up and hit her with it. Yes, hit her. A lady hit my daughter. WTF?

Oh my god!! My daughter was attacked by a lady in Asda!!

Caitlyn was really hurt, her arm was bright red. Now, Caitlyn can’t help but scream loud. She always has. There were quite a few shocked faces coming from the queues at the till. I think they were all shocked how this lady just hit my daughter. I forgot about the lady as I need to be there for Caitlyn. But by the time she had calmed down. I was fuming. FUMING.

I went to go and look for her to give her a piece of my mind but couldn’t find her, so went to security. I explained what happened and he knew instantly who I meant. Thing is the lady who attacked her has down syndrome. And Asda have said they are reluctant to do anything ’cause of her problems’ Now I don’t think that is fair! So she is allowed to just go round attacking people? The security guard said even the police know of her. Why the hell has she not got a carer, if she is known for aggressive behaviour? I don’t care if you’re 36 rich and handsome, you don’t go round attacking people. Had I of hit a child with my basket I am sure Asda would have either called the police or asked me to leave the store. You can’t have one rule for one and a whole new set for others.

Caitlyn actually turned around and said to me “I’ve got special needs but I don’t go and hit people in Asda” and she’s right, it’s not an excuse and I am still rather angry about it.


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