Bread of Garlic

I am always on the look out for ways to keep food tasty whilst losing out some calories. Well, Spaghetti Bolognese is no exception. I bloody love it.

The slimming world recipe is rather tasty although I add more Worcester Sauce to what it says and use red onion over shallots. Use way more garlic and so on. Play about with it. But I’ve roughly worked it out as about 500 calories with the pasta. I use whole wheat as it’s better for us, yes?

Anyway garlic bread goes so well with it, but looking today at the calories I was flabbergasted [haha I have been meaning to use that word for ages so I am pleased I did] about 200 for a couple of slices. Now if you are calorie counting like I am, then that is waaaaaay too much.

So, I made my own. I have made it before for a friend that doesn’t like butter but never gave it a second thought till today, I really wanted some garlic bread…..

I use milk roll bread as it’s quite thin and very low on calories. About 50 per slice I think it was. So yeah, grab a piece of bread, spread on some garlic paste. Gia make some which is in vegetable oil. Or crush some garlic yourself and mix it with olive oil which is nicer than the ready-made paste but more work. Ha. And sprinkle on some herbs. I used Italian herbs and put in oven till cooked. 133 calories for 2 slices. Get in my belleh.

And then stuff your face with it and enjoy. You’re welcome.


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