For I have sinned…..

Today I did something rather quite naughty.

I stole something…in a round about way. Kinda. Well, no I did. I must confess. As some of you are aware I was up half the night with anxiety over a missing teaspoon. When things go missing I go crazy. I thought it was just dummies but lately things are getting out of hand. Nothing should “just go missing” in my house. Everything is in order, so when something breaks that order I get proper anxious about it.

I am blabbing, it doesn’t take the fact away that I did in fact steal a teaspoon. A display teaspoon. I went back to the store that sold my cutlery set. They sold just about every other Viners set individually bar mine. They had a set on display. So I picked the teaspoon up, along with a new tea-cup and a new cutlery set for D’arcy and a heart thing. And went to the till. I kinda left the teaspoon in the hood of the pram. I did pay for everything else and I did donate my change so in a way I kinda did pay for it. The individual teaspoons were being sold off at 85p and I donated 55p so I kinda nearly almost did pay for it.

I have 6 matching teaspoons.

I know I will still worry over the missing spoon. As I am mostly a twat like that.

2 thoughts on “For I have sinned…..

  1. hartsoffice says:

    Wow, very interesting that you would tell the world like that. I have been full of anxiety and worry tonight as well, that is what lead me to your post, hope you can figure out what you want to do. Good Luck!


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