Rice is nice.

As we all know I am fat. I am. I know I am.

I have been doing slimming world sort of for the last few weeks and it’s working. Slowly losing weight. Anyway. I love chilli. As even though I make it the SW way, I know the rice is baaaaaaad for me. SO. I discovered something. Rice made from cauliflower.

Yes I know. Mental eh? I can hear your brains ticking over at the thought of it. How? Yeah I asked the same question.

Basically, chop a cauliflower up, then blend it till it sorta looks like rice, then bung it in a microwave for 5mins or so. I wouldn’t recommend eating it on its own. But with something saucy. Like chilli. It’s loverlee. Myself, Caitlyn and my niece all enjoyed it. Average portion on rice is over 300 calories. Cauliflower rice is something like 14. Yes 14 calories.  GET IN MY BELLEH.

I will say, it’s not rice. Obvs BUT it’s damn tasty and filling. And well, it’s full of goodness

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