Not that grand (parents)

My girls are my world. I’m very lucky to have 2 super lovely girls. But I will always feel sad for them as they both don’t have grand parents. That sucks. And is really quite upsetting.

Caitlyns dads parents June and Andre are both alive and both pretty shit. They are there though I spose. In Southend, ignoring her They never call her, never remember birthdays. Never grand parent her.

On my side. Well both girls don’t have Nanna. My mum 😦 Caitlyn had her for quite a few years. She was lucky. As for my dad. Well he hates me for reasons I genuinely don’t know. I think it’s cause I didn’t say thank you once. Or maybe it was cause I got fed up with making all the effort so I stopped calling so he chose to ignore me. Either way, whatever his problem with me is he’s taken it out on my girls. He’s never made an effort. Few years back he took all his other grand children to DisneyLand America. Imagine how Caitlyn felt. Watching her cousins jet off for Xmas. D’arcy has never met him. His loss, right? Nor has she met her fathers parents and as far as I am aware, they don’t even know of her existence. It’s sad. 😦 both of my girls deserve more than that and I am so sorry I can’t provide grand parents for them.

I get really envious when I read of grand parents having their grand children knowing mine will never have that.

2 thoughts on “Not that grand (parents)

  1. natalie says:

    If I were you, I would concentrate on those few years C had with your mum. They won’t bring her back, but maybe just telling the girls about her will be enough?
    My children, when they arrive won’t have my dad, but I plan to fill a book with my thoughts and memories, so they can somehow experience him. My children will never know my fathers family, which is sad, but after what they did to my daddy, I will never forgive them and would not want them corrupting my children.
    I love you x


  2. The Prophet says:

    I bet it is upsetting my grand parents are my world and a major part of my life cause I look after them. They are not helpless but I do take care of anything they need I love them


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