Hair obsessed

Caitlyn has a fair amount ‘wrong’ I hate that word but it’s easy to use. So I shall. Yes, things wrong. Ever since she was diagnosed with Epilepsy she has an obsession with touching her head. Rubs it with her fingers. At first I thought she had yet another dose of the lovely nits. But no. This was more than that. Her hair started breaking off, she does it that much. It’s very sad. Her hair is a frizz ball with broken bits darted all over. I’ve done the consequences. The shouting. Nothing works. She has OCD.

Last week, whilst washing her hair. I have to still do it as she can’t manage. Anyway, I noticed she had a large wound. It was weeping and bleeding. I couldn’t believe it. She rubbed a wound into her own head. It is out of control. I cried as did she as I took a picture to show her.

A week later, she has come home from school and has been touching her head. You see, I know when she does. Her hair gets matted and more frizzy. It’s such a shame. She has been referred to ‘Emotional Wellbeing’  who deal with OCD in teenagers in Poole. It’s a waiting game. It’s devastating.

She has Tangle toys. Look them up on Amazon. One at school and one at home. They can work up to a point. I have no idea what the next stage will be. More medication? I don’t want that. *sigh*

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