The Child. part 2.

So, off I go to hospital again. Long story short. My waters finally break at 30 weeks and 5 days. I am in labour. My waters are infected. So it’s a rush to get her out. I am hooked up to a drip to speed labour up. I am given an epidural, as they didn’t know whether I would need a c-section as she started to go into distress. But luckily she came naturally. All 3lbs of her. I went into proper shock after, shaking and being sick.

Other than being early, she was fine. On appearance. Little did I know I would face the long hill battle for the last 12 years.

Caitlyn has special needs, she is different. For a long time I wanted a label, now we have a few. It’s hard explaining you’re child has ‘issues’ to those that just are quite ignorant. Although we are all guilty of it. As there is nothing physical to look at her Caitlyn you’d never know. But within 5 mins of being in her company, you’d know.

She has. Chromosomal Abnormalities. Part of Chromosome 2 is attached to number 3. Another part of Chromosome 2 is upside down and another part of number 2 is completely missing.  She has dyspraxia, Autistic traits, OCD, Learning difficulties ][which they think are linked to her Chromosomes] Allergies [severe enough to carry an epi-pen] Asthma, and about 18 months ago she was diagnosed with Epilepsy [right temporal lobe with a tendency to generalise]

Quite a collection. I am just sat here thinking have I missed anything out. She also has a bowel problem although that has cleared up so much in the last few years. Oh yeah she does have food intolerances. Phew. Poor kid. But I suppose it could be worse. Thank fuck it’s not.

What did she do to deserve all that eh? Some of it, I suppose could be linked to the prematurity. But the Chromosomal stuff was well in place at conception.  Her father and I were both tested at Great Ormond Street, but we are not carriers of anything. It was just ‘one of those things’ They told us that her complex abnormalities had never been seen before in any medical literature. So, can’t actually be sure if it is what is causing her learning difficulties, nor do they know the outcome if there is one to the abnormalities.

As parents we all do struggle with our children. I could go into some experiences in our lives where I get so frustrated with people and they way they can be ignorant and the way they can moan about menial crap, but we are all different. And when crap is thrown at us. We cope. We have too. I am no better to any other mother out there. Far from it. But I can say I’ve had it hard. Harder than a lot of mothers. But then not as hard as some.

I just know. I am one lucky Mama.

4 thoughts on “The Child. part 2.

  1. coodababy says:

    Thank you 🙂

    Us parents all have it tough. Some more than others, and some of us have been doing it a long time. Like me 🙂 But we are all bloody awesome.

    Far from perfect Natalie, but I do try 😀 x


  2. Alex Watts says:

    I think you are very brave and also extremely determined to just get on with it. If your girls grow up with just a fraction of your spirit they will do fine. I can only imagine how tough this is to do on your own and I hope you give yourself lots of credit for what you do.


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